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5:30 on this labor day. a big wig investor in china says "our company isn't going to take a double dip." the one month anniversary of the 33 men trapped in the mine. it looks like they won't be rescued until november.
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after hearing this story, a debt giving way in philadelphia. welcome in, i'm megan pringle, happy labor day. if you don't have the day off, we feel your pain. >> where's your pain? right here? >> meteorologist lynette charles, good morning, lynette. >> good morning, jamie. you set yourself up for that one, that was a good one. all right, let's talk about what's going on for today. we had earl on friday skim us across ocean city. all in all, we'll have a beautiful day. it's going to linger. lovely labor day. ample sunshine will continue, warming air will come back by mid-week. we'll cool that down by the end of the week. we have a roller coaster ride through the end of the week. maryland's most powerful radar, we're high and dry, will stay that way through the next few
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days. all five sweeps are on as of now. your 12-hour forecast, i think you'll like it. waking up this morning at 69 degrees. by lunch time, around 79. still mostly sunny, that will continue into the afternoon. i have something you can do today. eat your lunch outdoors. i like that, i'm going to do that. by evening time, temperatures will be in the 60s, nice and pleasant all day long. that trend will continue for the next several days. on this labor day, it's the number of people out of work that's capturing headlines. later today, the president's going to announce his newest plan to jump start our economy. as emily schmitt tells us, observers can't help but note that the talk comes three weeks before crucial midterm elections. >> president obama once predicted a summer of recovery, but on this labor day with unemployment hovering around 9.6%. >> jobs are being created, they're just not being created as fast as they need to.
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>> reporter: the president is preparing to pitch a new economic plan. the administration confirms this week, mr. obama will call to extend and expand research tax credits, which allows businesses to write off development costs. he may endorse a payroll tax holiday. >> i think that could be effective and helpful in the next six to 12 months when the economy really needs it. >> reporter: the administration says this isn't a stimulus package, republicans say it's a sign of political flailing. >> we always like to see death bed conversions, but if we'd done this kind of thing nearly a couple years ago, we'd be in a lot better shape. they're just flailing around. >> the president's week long purpose on the economy comes less than two months before midterm elections. >> if you can throw enough small things at the economy, you do enough to actually be able to win this war against what is a
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very fragile recovery. >> reporter: today, president obama unveils infrastructure proposals. on wednesday, he rolls out more ideas in cleveland, ohio. that's the same city where last month, minority leader john boehner called upon the president to fire his economic team. emily schmitt, abc news washington. 5:34 right now. in democracy 2010 news: the maryland attorney general is sending out a warning about deceitful and misleading campaign literature. doug gansler issued a statement saying several candidates have been endorsed by state and local leaders. he says other handouts have been printed claiming official ballots or voter guides. claims about deceptive practices will be investigated. former governor robert ehrlich's campaign is taking its first tv commercial to the air.
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it'll be called let's get to work. in the spot, ehrlich tells voters that maryland is in trouble because of debt and higher taxes. the ad features a mother, small businessman, student asking that the state budget be fixed. some say the ad featured false innuendos and empty promised. a maryland fisherman reeled in an 8-foot shark. he baited the big guy in the potomac river. with the help of some friends, he wrestled the bull shark out of the water near point lookout. that's the state park there on potomac. bull sharks aren't bothered by fresh water and can travel very far inland. they swim in shallow water, but this one turned up about a mile from the shore. >> that's crazy. >> it's crazy. in fresh water? big waves were hitting the shores at ocean city. some life guards who were very
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active rescuing people from the dangerous water. a landslide it leaves several people dead and many still trapped. first let's find out about our weather right now, lynette charles is here. >> happy labor day to you. it'll be a wonderful day. little coolish this morning, make sure you grab the sweater as you head out and about. 59 degrees, we're still seeing that into laurel as well. those winds out of the northeast at 11. annapolis at 62. as we check out what's happening with maryland's most powerful radar right now, it'll stay nice and dry throughout the day. get out there and enjoy it. i'll be back, we'll have the 7-day forecast and tell you what's happening ford weekend.
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you have plans today, it's labor day, happy monday to you. we definitely have a wonderful forecast. let's show you what's going on right now. check out maryland's most powerful radar. it's dry. we like to see that, especially when we have the day off, right? we'll stay that way throughout the day. if you're heading to the beach,
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nice one. right now, 70 degrees. that humidity at 74%. the dew point, 52%. it feels like 76. winds out of the northeast at 5 miles an hour. temperatures elsewhere, ooh, a little chillier, especially into york. around 45 degrees. 53 degrees into hagerstown. 52 winchester. charlottesville, 51 degrees. 55 into easton, as well as into dover and philly, 60 degrees if you're traveling. check out atlantic city around 51 degrees. today is a big day. we'll definitely be playing navy and the kick-off is at 4:00 this afternoon. nice and mild. winds to the south at 5 to 10 miles an hour. enjoy, back to you, guys. remnants of tropical storm earl made big waves in ocean city over the weekend, no doubt about it. the weekend turned out to be absolutely gorgeous, but life guards in ocean city were very busy. hurricane earl left behind
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serious waves that could have been really dangerous. they had to perform a number of rescues this weekend. >> boogy boarding. he got out a little bit too far. a little away from me. he was having trouble getting back into the shore. >> works pretty hard, you have to know what you're doing out there. it's pretty big. it's a lot of fun. >> a quarter of a million people were down there. right there at 17 from the boardwalk. they were all right there. they had a couple cancellations, but that's typical for a labor day weekend. we're still to capacity, enjoy it today and c'mon back. a massive quake hits the city of new zealand. >> we'll take a look at the damage left behind and hear about the cleanup this morning. there are efforts there taking place today.
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address unemployment numbers. she went on a ride along and thanked firefighters for their work in public safety. preventing job loss and getting people back to work is the secretary's agenda. betty griffith and debbie reid were both laid off last year. they say landing a job and trying to stay afloat is tough. >> if you're looking for help, there is a lot, it's just so many people are fighting over the same jobs. >> they just have to make more jobs available or either they need to teach people how to obtain these jobs. it's not the same as it used to be where you'd just send in a resume and somebody would contact you. you don't even hear from anybody. >> now both debbie and betty say being unemployed has led them to tap into some untouched skills. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. today the college football season officially kicks off for
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maryland and navy. they'll be right here in baltimore at m&t bank stadium. it'll be the 21st time the midshipman and the terps face the gridiron. despite being just 28 miles apart, the last time they played one another, five years ago. baltimore officials and those for the ravens are working to have the teams play every couple years or so. today's kick-off will be scheduled at 4:00. take a look at news around the world this morning: we start in new zealand. they continue to recover from a powerful earthquake that hit the city of christ's church. smashed buildings and homes, wrecked roads and rail lines and killed one person. army troops were brought in to help police secure the streets of the badly damaged businesses that were the worst hit in the
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city. the city remained cordened off. 38 people are dead after torrential rains caused mudslides in guatemala. vehicles were trapped along the highway. 20 bodies were recovered, at least 80 are still missing. rescuers hope to dig through mud and rocks to hopefully retrieve more bodies. the families of 33 chilean miners gathered together to mark the one-month anniversary of their ordeal. a tunnel collapsed and trapped men more than 2200 feet below ground. families have been holding a vigil by camping outside the mine and on saturday, they were able to talk via video link to the men. engineers estimate that digging the tunnel big enough to extract the miners could take up to four months if everything goes according to plan. it's 5:47.
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it's been a long-standing thought, even an old wives tail that giving sugar to infants can help relieve pain, but dr. timony johnson tells us new evidence shows that may not be the case. >> doctors often give infants an oral sugar supplement to help with pain. it only changes the baby facial expression, giving a false impression that pain has been relieved. 59 newborns were pricked in their heel to draw needed blood samples. half were given a sugar solution and the other half were given a water solution. doctors recorded the brain and spinal cord responses. both groups showed similar pain activity in the brain, but the newborns who didn't get the sugar, looked like they were in pain with their facial
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expressions and the ones with sugar looked as if they were in less pain. scientists think new procedures should be put into place because of the findings. others believe the study was too small to recommend significant changes at this time. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. good morning, everyone. check out the stats that we have here. this is the time of the year where you like what you're seeing here. check out the high for this time of year. 81 degrees. check out the low, 60 degrees. not too bad there. luckily we're not going to be setting any type of records. 47, that's too cold for this time of year.
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1962. 98 degrees back in 1983. thank goodness we'll be closer to normal for today. we're looking at satellite and radar, basically high pressure in control of our weather. that's definitely good. we can see showers and thunderstorms trying to move off towards the east. this high pressure is definitely going to block that. we're still going to get that sunshine as we go through the next couple of days. we do have a stationary front, a stalled out front draped along the southeastern coast as of now. this isn't going to do too much for our weather as well. we're looking at, we're looking at uh, texas, rather, we definitely do have some showers, some thunderstorms, i'm going to point this out to you. we can see this convection, thunderstorms popping up. all of this is courtesy of tropical storm hermine across the area. let's show you the statistics on this one. winds sustained at about 40 miles an hour. moving to the north about 7 miles an hour. it's forecasted to take a northwesterly jog throughout the day and pick up speed, forward speed as well. then maybe the center of
5:51 am
landfall could come into tomorrow morning. could see that into the northeastern part of mexico and the southern tip of texas. welcomes be seeing plenty of rain, maybe about four to eight inches in those areas and then localized, maybe even 12 inches of rain and we'll get more of that as we go inland. you can see it weaken as tropical storms weaken once they come in contact with land. that'll be out of here as we go into time. not going to be good for texas and mexico. our forecast continues to look wonderful. we have a chance for more clouds to move into the picture into wednesday. we're not going to see any type of rain, just cooler temperatures. for today, around 83 degrees, mostly sunny and nice. by tonight, temperature at 60, mostly clear with a light breeze and by tomorrow, we'll warm up just a little bit, 85 degrees but still mostly sunny outside. back to you, guys.
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news around the nation. we start off in tennessee. hear about this? a family pet killed a
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grandmother? 85-year-old maddie darty had her dog for nine years. police say the woman's pitbull attacked her for apparently no reason. even though pitbulls have that reputation for being violent, family members say there was no evidence this dog would ever be aggressive. neighbors tried to shoot the dog, but it was too late. a family in philadelphia counting their blessings after a deck collapsed at a cookout. eight people were hospitalized, including a 3-month-old baby who was burned by the grill after the deck fell. neighbors say they were amazed that no one was seriously hurt. well, having family is the joys of couples, something they look forward to after marriage. >> this week, we're taking a look at the struggles some couples go through. plus they made the decision and some of the options available to them now. we watch them all day long: those ads that lure you in with big promises. we'll tell you how to avoid that scam coming up.
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we have a spectacular forecast for today and beyond. not too bad, your 7-day forecast, i think you'll like it here, as we start you out with a temperature of 83 degrees. by tuesday, just a little bit warmer. 85 and warm by wednesday. close to 90 degrees. we cool back off as a cold front moves through. by saturday and sunday, we definitely do have a chance for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast once again. 83 degrees, and 86 degrees. it's going to be a gorgeous day today, make sure you get out there and enjoy. k. hey!
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on this labor day monday, while many of you are off, it's time to reassess the way we're living. police are now looking for four people who robbed a maryland student. there was a line at 3:00 a.m. and then at 7:00 a.m.
5:59 am
all to get wristbands to enjoy bieber. it's taken 132 years for the state fair to witness such an event like yesterday's. >> thanks for joining us. happy labor day. unbelievable, that bieber stuff. >> we had earl fever on friday. >> then bieber fever yesterday. >> last we can we saw justin, justin not bieber, but justin berk, he was down at the ocean. >> take a look at facebook, he has some metal thing around his neck, what's that be? was he in some race? all the way to virginia beach? that's a long run. more than 10k isn't it? >> he's in good shape though, heck do it. >> we're in good shape for today. you couldn't ask for a better labor day. this is going to continue. k

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